MEGAN BARRON, LMT,  IFPA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Megan is passionate about comprehensive health and wellness. She believes that health is attainable for everyone and is inclusive of physical, nutritional, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual components.  As an IFPA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Megan lends her knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, coupled with her collective experience as a competitive gymnast and a Licensed Massage Therapist to each of her workouts.  Prior to joining the health and wellness industry, Megan received her undergraduate degree in Hospitality Business Management from Washington State University, GO COUGS! 

Megan and her family have lived in Shoreline, Washington for over eleven years. As a busy wife and mom, Megan seeks to encourage healthy habits for her family daily and often includes smoothies, naps, dance parties and laughter to their daily line up. When Megan is not helping others attain their health goals, you can find her exploring one of the areas parks with her children, trying a new recipe, volunteering at her neighborhood school or sharing a meal with friends and family.

What We Do

PARKCORE Fitness Outdoor Bootcamp classes are designed using a combination of strength and cardiovascular exercises to help you get fit, reduce stress, increase energy and build confidence. When you join our crew you will find yourself within a community of health driven, supportive peers in one of the most beautiful natural settings in the Pacific Northwest! We believe that variety, fun and fresh air are key elements that set Parkcore Fitness apart from the rest.

Regardless of age or fitness level if you live in or around Seattle and are looking to be in the best shape of your life, build muscle, join a community, add life to your years and have fun while doing it, PARKCORE Fitness has the class for you!


Client Testimonials

"Parkcore is a great workout in a perfect location-at the park/beach.  For those that dread a gym or machines it doesn't get any better than this! A great mix of strength training and cardio. Megan is super at mixing it up so workout is never boring, as well as supporting any fitness level."


"My Ah-Ha moment was during our first backpacking trip with the kids. I felt strong and healthy and silently thanked Megan for pushing me every week. Megan has a gentle and effective way of encouraging you to push yourself to your limit. I look forward to her classes every week because the workout varies and it's empowering to be able to do something better, faster or stronger than you could a month or even a week ago."

Megan A

"Parkcore Boot Camp has absolutely changed my life.  Not only have I formed deep friendships with other boot camp ladies while getting fit but, Megan has us pushing ourselves in ways that I never would have pushed myself on my own.  She's such a support for those just starting out, for individuals in great shape and even for those nursing injuries."